Xmarks for Firefox 4.0

Synchronize Firefox bookmarks across multiple computers


  • Automatically backs up your bookmarks, open tabs and browsing history
  • Easy step-by-setp setup process
  • Gets useful info about sites you visit
  • Suggests other interesting sites
  • Quick hassle-free syncing


  • Need to be comfortable having data on Xmarks servers
  • No longer supports password syncing

Very good

Xmarks, previously Foxmarks, is an extension for Firefox that syncs your bookmarks and other data anywhere you have it installed. It’s perfect for all those of us who work on two or more computers.

You have to be signed in to Xmarks to access your bookmarks, so it is secure. The user account can be easily created in a step-by-step configuration wizard when launching the program for the first time. Xmarks also adds an icon to your URL bar, which gives you a drop-down frame of information about the site your on, and a list of similar sites.

As Xmarks is cross platform, you can sync between different operating systems, or wherever Firefox runs – quite handy if, like me, you use Windows at work and OSX at home. Synchronizing takes a couple of seconds, and can be automated at browser shutdown if you wish.

Besides bookmarks, Xmarks can also sync open tabs and browser history, and it lets you configure and use different syncing profiles. Alternatively, you can setup Xmarks to run through your own server, meaning you data will not be uploaded to theirs.

The synchronizing feature is great on Xmarks, and is very smooth. The additional search features are nice too - having related sites a click away is a great way to discover more on the web. On the downside, Xmarks no longer syncs passwords, which means you’ll need to use a separate app for that – Xmarks suggests LastPass.

Xmarks is a great synchronizing tool with which you can keep your bookmarks, tabs and browser history updated across computers.



Xmarks for Firefox 4.0

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